IT’S 4th & GOAL Everyday At Hagan's

I grew up on a dryland peanut farm and cattle ranch outside Cisco, Tx. It was my life on the farm that taught me a very valuable lesson. You can’t always control the final result, but you can control your focus and effort. I recently read a book entitled 4th & Goal Every Day, it's a book about Nick Saban and Alabama football. (and regardless of how you feel about Alabama or Nick Saban, you have to admit - He’s a very good football coach) In the book Saban shares his thought process, “If you simply execute what’s important at the moment, to the best of your ability, without undue regard for the outcome, your chances of ultimately getting the result you want increase exponentially”.

That’s exactly the attitude I learned growing up. Be excellent at what you can control and have peace about the final outcome. You see, growing up on a dryland peanut farm in arid West Texas, we were dependent on rainfall, and we couldn’t make it rain. I learned that God does not send rain on select ones, but when we select his ways, it opens up for us the windows of heaven so that we are not dependent on weather for provision and prosperity. That attitude has served to exponentially increase me.

That is what Hagan’s Handcrafted is about: Doing every small thing in the most excellent way we have capacity for. Yes, we do not serve the widest selection or the fanciest menu items. What we do serve are items we believe we can do over and over again in this excellent way.

I must go, we just received another order and, “It’s 4th & goal again at Hagan’s and their not settling for a field goal to tie, they're going to go for the win - here’s the snap….!