Our mission is simple, tasty food, made fresh, served fast and friendly - all in an excellent way. Create an attitude that leads to an atmosphere that produces a culture. (read This is Us) To produce this excellence we must control what our food is made out of and how it is made, which starts with how we think about food. If we think we can do it better than the food factory, we make it here. So far the only items we have found that we can’t make better are breads and sodas. What we can do better on these items is to buy them from local suppliers, who use the best ingredients and practices.

One of the things that is a big obstacle to excellence is confusion. We are often not good at containing it. In order for a company to succeed it must have a clear vision of who it is and what its purpose is. When its purpose is seen it must have clear vision on what must be done in order to reach that purpose. Confusion/Clutter muddies the water. What is clutter? It's anything that detracts from the one clear vision, anything that diverts from the path of achieving the one clear vision. Anything that obscures our hedgehog concept and gets us unfocused.

It’s simple,from our decor to our menu, everything is designed and thought out to be simple; simple starts in the mind and finishes in the physical act of doing things. Multiplicity diverts our focus from our simple passion for excellence. For us Hagan’s is a place of clarity and peace. We love what we do and we hope you enjoy our food and culture like we do.